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Adarkara, Apr 17, 10 9:13 AM.
Come join the Ashes from the Phoenix Facebook Group!!/group.php?gid=275488644433


For those who want or need to know about us. You shall get your wish...

Many moons ago, I was part of several groups and guilds. I have been a a solider for the King Bronzebeard, a gunner for Uther Lightbringer, a Ranger of Kalimdor, a knight of the Blue Rose, a knight of the White Rose, a knight of the Blood Rose...but as most of you know, I have always been a master drunk first and foremost....*chuckles*

After being parts of so many mindsets, I could not understand how a group of people would not help each other unless there was some sort of payment involved, it taxed me to no end until I could not take it any longer. With those of like mind, we formed a new family. We decided upon the name of Ashes of the Phoenix for as everyone knows, the phoenix rises from the ashes...we rise from the ashes from our fallen comrades with renewed vigor and renewed life.

We are not a guild first, but a family. We are there for one another whenever possible. We give to the family until we cannot any further and then we give that much more. When one is need, we help. When one falls, we help them stand again....

***Excerpt from the Diary of Lorik H. Thunderbrew, Guildmaster of The Ashes of the Phoenix.

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